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Vinnie Pazis one of Hip Hop’s most underrated Emcees. His groups’ Jedi Mind Tricks, Army Of The Pharoahs, and Heavy Metal Kings along with his solo artistry have kept his music steadily dropping.

In 2018 Vinnie Paz/Jedi Mind Tricks released The Bridge and the Abyss. Let’s talk about that one.  

Since 2015, the last 3 years, we’ve been working on it the whole time. Realistically we were working on it for 3 years, but not consistantly. Cause there’s Tours in between and I did a solo Record in between. We recorded a lot of shit for it. But we never did that before. When we were younger everything we did made the Record. This was the first Record where there was extra shit.

I feel you. I’m always coming up with new concepts and methods as well. Some by choice, some not.

The state of Hip Hop/Rap is absolutely up side down from it’s birth, in my opinion. What’s your say on it.

Some of this shit is not Hip Hop no more. It’s other genres I think at this point. It’s splintered off into so many (directions). You can’t play a Kool G Rap song and a Lil Pump record and say this is the same thing. So are we gonna start giving things different names or are we just ok with it all under one umbrella and its’ just another style of it? You got Purists saying that’s not Hip Hop, ok then what is it then? Let’s start distinguishing. First there was Mainstream and Underground. A little bit later you had other names like Alternative Hip Hop and other names were sneaking in. As if Sub-Genre’s  were born. Is it Trap, is it Drill? The question is where do you find yourself mixed up in all of that?

Battle Rap coming back and put into the spotlight has made people better emcees. It brought lyrics back to the front.  You can’t get away with certain shit with certain people. Like a certain age group you can, cause they’re like “This is what’s hot”, no matter what! For a certain generation, there has been a backlash of like NO! We want lyrical shit. We want more traditional Hip Hop. Traditional Hip Hop and where it came from, where did it start, why did it start? I’m taking about a style of music that started in the South Bronx and was created out of nothingness and desparation.  Those records from the lates 70’s into the 80’s and 90’s, those people took social issues seriously. Like look at “The Message” that was 35 plus years ago. X-Clan, Chuck D and Public Enemy kept that going into the 90’s. So people are like so where is that? Who’s doing that?

Tell us the difference between the JMT and your Solo Record, you’ve been busy.  With JMT, rhyming over Stoupe beats is still my most favorite shit. With the solo Record I’m working with different Producers so it’s gonna be different. For The Pain Collector, I just got a creative surge and I started recording mad songs. I think not being drunk all the time, so I was writing everyday. I would record every Thursday night and every other day I write. That wasn’t happening before. I’m just recording and moving at a pace that I never moved before. When my new Record dropped, within the calendar year 3 Records came out. I was never capable of that before. Because I just wasn’t in that state of mind. It’s hard to get motivated when you’re living like that. When you have clarity, shit shifted. This is how I stay busy. This is how I stay out of trouble. So it worked out well. I just woke up one day and said I’m done, that’s it.

When an Artist like Vinnie Paz drops a Record he then goes on Tour for many weeks promoting the Record. When the demand gets so great that you’re turning things down… When you ask me when I’m coming to Nebraska and I’m no where near Nebraska, that does’nt make sense. But let’s just say I am, you have to understand there’s Promoters involved, there’s Booking Agents, there’s my willingnes.I know at this point in my career, what I’m worth. I know I don’t have to take shitty shows, that grind is something you do when you’re a kid, or an up and coming Artist., I was just mega young, we had that, we felt those first few Tours, the obligation to go everywhere, and you do go everywhere, and you find out what city gravitates to what type of sounds, all of that.



Philly’s prize fighter on the mic Vinnie Paz drops another lyricly driven Record with 19 tracks of pure Hip Hop. Sundae Bloody Sundae is a dope track. Jail Cell Recipes, DualTow Night Eagle, Byzantine Jewelry, Pray For Sleep & Gracious are impressive. Tongan Death Grip w/ Reef The Lost Cauze is heat. God’s Shadow, Vinnie Paz tells his story, listen close and get to know who Vinnie is. Shit get’s dark with Floating Goat w/ DJ MuggsTha God Fahim & Crimeapple assist Vinnie Paz on Requiem For Black Benjy In 2 Parts. The Heavy Metal Kings w/ Goretex get together for Hashem On A Pentagram. I like Masked Stickups, great gangsta track. Hollow Light Severed Sun is VP’s Trap song on the Album. While Cold In Philadelphia is a classic VP song along with A Power Governments Cannot Suppress (a real History Lesson). Make sure you check out the videos Gasmask and Blood On My Hands on YouTube now.

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