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Born and raised in Houston, Texas. Zone 28 Grams comes from a musical Familiy.  My Dad is a Master Musician, got two degrees in music. Music has been part of me my whole life. I been making music professionally since 2003.

What have you put out so far in your career?

I got 5 solo albums. One I just dropped with Cuddy of Cali Life Musik Presents Loyalty B4 Betrayal. Which that’s the label I’m signed to right now. I got 5 solo albums then we got H*Town To The Bay Vol. 1 & 2. And a bunch of features on albums across the Country with different Artists.

Do you have your own label too? Where you signed to other labels in your past?

Nah man, I got a lot of homeboys as far as officially, even paperwork wise, I never signed to nobody but Cuddy. I do got a lot of homies that I help fly their flag, boys I been down with since day one. That’s something that my loyalty will never change, if I rock with you, I rock with you. I’m a rock with you all the way out. The right way. People are happy I’m over here with Cuddy. A lot of my OG’s are with the movement. So yeah man, I never been signed except with Cuddy, Cali Like Musik baby.

How did you guys meet? And how did you guys get together to make this Album?

Me and Cuddy met through Kev Knocks. I was out here with GoldToes, Baby Gas and my boy Gasman outta Houston, Texas. We was in the studio with Lil Raider, I dropped some shit, met Kev Knocks, he told Cuddy. I was staying in Concord, Cuddy came and picked me up. I came over here (Cali Life Studio) knocked out some bangers and ever since Bro, that’s how it goes. That’s like genuine, it’s organic. It was organic. Word of mouth. He said, I believe in you, that’s why I signed. We’ve been rocking ever since.

Now that you got a good position, what’s your goal in this?

My goal is to put out some dope music for one. That’s what we do over here at Cali Life, I believe we put out some dope ass  music. That’s the first goal is to put out some music and get a bag off it. If there’s a song on there that I can help change or have a different influence on somebody’s life, that’s a good positive impact and that’s cool. Main thing is make dope music and make money from it.

Loyalty B4 Betrayal is self explanetory, is there maybe some other meanings in some of the other songs you want to talk about?

It’s all pretty much dope music. Loyalty B4 Betrayal that’s 1222. That’s what that means. A lot of my posts I put, I got it tattooed on me 1222. That means Loyalty Before Betrayal. The 12 is the “L”, the “2” is the B and the “B”. That’s pretty much it. Homie J-Dawg’s shit out there. I figured if I name it something people can relate to, everybody gone get behind it and push it.

What are you working on next?

We got Death B4 Dishonor. Then we got singles. Working, I’m living that Cali Life. I’m hoping to come out here and set up a home base out here eventually.

Any other ventures you’re working on back in Houston?

Man I’m always working in Houston. It’s been a couple months, I dropped a song with Paul Wall and Lil Keke videos. I’m staying working, staying productive, staying busy. Rocking with the new young talent that’s coming out. I got a young homie called Young Easy, he’s pretty dope otht the North Side of Houston. Working, staying busy, shooting some videos for some projects I already got out.

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