Growing up as a little girl she believed Singer/Actress Thalia was one of the most beautiful woman in the world. A world not so friendly to her, Jessica struggled to become the person she is today. She tells 1 World Magazine how she got to this point.

When did you know you wanted to be a model?

I would say last year, Summer 2017. I didn’t actually discover it, like OH, I want to be a model, let me start. It was kind of like I had a friend that she invited me to a music video. From there I kind of got an idea what it’s like to get ready, to get all dolled up. You go to a music video and you get to act like you’re having fun, stuff like that. That’s how I began to become familiar with the Industry. After that I lost my job, I had my apartment, I had my car, I had everything and I don’t have a job. I was fucking jobless, I had just got out of a 6 year relationship. I was so fucking lost I didn’t know what to do.

So then I hit up the guy who I did the Music Video for. The girl I that I had went, she had told me, Oh yeah were gonna get paid for this music video. When I went, little did I know she was doing it for free, so none of us got paid. But I hit up the photographer cause’ I remembered shit, I can get paid for this. So I hit up the videographer. I told him hey, I worked with you on that music video, I really want to do this, if you come across another Artist that needs models in their videos, hit me up and I will be glad to do it. So it started from there. He started hitting up Artists who needed models for music videos, but I put a price on my name. I wasn’t gonna do it just for fun. I had a baby to feed, so this was an income for me. After when I was doing it, I always liked photography, but I was been the one who always liked to take the pictures. I would like to take pictures of things. I never did modeling, but I have taken Artsy pictures. But then once I started putting my foot in the Industry more towards the music videos photographers/videographers started hitting me up like let’s work, let’s collaborate. I was like let’s do it. After that I started doing the photo shoots. I was like, I always liked photography, but now I started to figure out that I like the modeling side of it. Because I always liked to dress the character, I don’t always like the lingerie photo shoots, I like the Artsy kind where you get in a whole like scenery. You get to dress up as the scenery.

What else are you up to Juicy Jess?

I am writing a book. It’s an Autobiography about my childhood. I had a very traumatic and dramatic childhood. When I was growing up, 9, 10  years ago when I fell into drugs, I had an overdose after that I was still on the run, still in and out of jail. And then I hit 17, then I got pregnant. It’s crazy after I turned 17 and I got pregnant I had a house arrest, I had probation, I wasn’t even in school. But as soon as I got pregnant I got on my shit. I graduated High School, I graduated probation, I got off house arrest. Everything had changed, my life turned around. It went from getting raped as a little girl, a lot of trauma, drugs, the streets. A bunch of stuff that I went through. And my Dad, it’s gonna be an Autobiography but I don’t want it to be “The Autobiography of Juicy Jess”. I want to call it “Heartless”, which represents me when I was 15 when I got the tattoo I was at that stage where I didn’t care about anything, I would think about my childhood and tell myself, “I shouldn’t have gone through that”. “I don’t know why I went through that?” I just wanted to be numb, I just wanted to drugs, I just wanted to be “Heartless”. So I got that tattoo under my stomach that says “Heartless”. So this is gonna be the story of Me. At the end it’s gonna say “Based On A True Story”, like this really happened. 

Wow! What a story this will be. Juicy Jess explained that she hopes her story will help others who may be going through similar situations.

I wanna have a story about it, so it can help other people going through the same shit. Or people who are experiencing the same thing, rape, drugs, additions, they all happen every day.

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