I’m always torn in 2 when it comes to discovering an artists music 15-25 years into his career. One side of me is upset that I didn’t find their music earlier in life while the other side of me is happy I did now to talk about it. This conversation took place just as the worlds “Plandemic” began.

You have a lot of videos circulating right now. Especially these last few months.

You just got to stay persistent and staying in everybody’s ear. Word.

You have your newest album that you dropped?

Sulfuric Acid. Produced by Zealot of FWM. He’s from out of France. 

You just dropped back to back to back. So tell us about this project.

Well first I dropped the Magma album by Tone Spliff. Then the next was in November. Then was Culturally Rich by BigBob outta Canada. Now the newest one is Sulfuric Acid by Zealot of FWM. All three of these albums is fucking masterpieces. Everybody is different on the production. They all came out crazy man. The videos, the visuals I did for each project is dope. We just keeping it moving man. I’ve got a few more projects I’m bout to drop this year, I’m a just keep hitting. 

You come from a very populated area in America. What is the scene like outside? I can imagine, I can’t imagine actually, cause I’ve never been there? Where I’m at there’s still people out doing their thing, but there’s hardly any traffic. What’s it like where you’re at right now?

It’s still the same shit. Regular to me. I’m always staying in the house anyway. If I’m not out doing my music, if I aint doing shows or a video. I pretty much stay in the house anyway. It’s not like I’m on, in here on quarantine like everybody be doing, I’m just being here anyway, every day. I work from home so. It’s nothing new to me.

You said you have a couple more projects this year, what are those about? Who are they going to be with?

Right now I’m working on an album with Rock, it’s called Crownsville. So he’s bout to come back, we did like 3 or 4 joints. He’s gonna come back over here to my spot and we gonna finish the album. Hopefully we gone drop that soon. Then I got another album by my man’s 2 Busy 4 Shit. And a few more projects. I got an EP that’s done. Another album with my man, another producer outta France. I’m working on International Juxx part 2. I got a few joints coming man. 

I’m not quite sure, are you signed to a label? Do you have your own label?

Yeah, I got my own shit. I put everything out independent man. I think the album with Rock we might rock on Duck Down Records. That’ll be only right. I got another album I’m working with a producer named Amadeus. He’s outta Brooklyn. We just dropped the first single Still Paper Thin. We pay homage to MC Lyte for the old school joint. We just dropped that video the other day.

What’s motivating you now, you been in this for a minute? What’s motivating you today to do what you’re doing?

I just love Hip Hop man. I just love what I’m doing. I just want to keep making the best music that I can make for the fans and everything. Just life man. I just love this shit, I just want to keep making music. 

How’s the impact of the Sean Price, his legacy? How’s it impacted you today now that everything that has gone on. Even the album that dropped last year, what’s your feelings in your heart today?

I still miss my big bro man. I thank him for every opportunity he ever gave me. He still helps me to this day with different shit, different people that I work with. Cause a lot of people know me from working with Sean. He’s still on my mind all the time. On the project with me and Rock we did a joint called Sean Lives On. We broke it down, we back to back on both verses with naming different Sean Price song titles in this joint. That shit came out crazy. On this new album with Amadeus, me and Rock got a joint and it’s dedicated to Sean too, another joint, so. We gonna have Pete Rock in the video cause we got a piece of the Reminisce Over You beat in there. It’s gonna be crazy. So I’m just gonna continue to keep his legacy alive.

Yes you are, you’re doing a great job at that. I just discovered your music honestly and I think you’re only going to get bigger.

Yeah man, only way to go is to the top. We done been to the bottom and we can’t go back. Everything just got to prosper. 

Last, East Coast, New York, Hip Hop was born there. The focus is really not on it anymore. What’s going on? Why?

I don’t know, it just depends on who you listen to. Some people listen to a lot of New York artists and some don’t. I don’t know. 

I feel you, well 1 World Magazine caught on to your sound, that’s why we’re doing this interview. You’re flawless, and you’re saying stuff the world needs to hear. So that’s why it caught my ear, that’s why I had to get you.

What else about Ruste Juxx that we don’t know that you want to let out the bag?

That I really ain’t never let out the bag, I don’t know. I’ve done a lot of interviews where I’ve spoken about everything. I just want the people to follow the movement. Follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Check out my videos and my new joints man. Go to RusteJuxx.com and cop the music, just get in tuned and ride with me. 

I’m a do that, just cause you said it. Ruste Juxx mentioned a handful of Tours for this latter part of the year which we know got cancelled or postponed. Ruste is one of those emcees who gets his money overseas and maintains a strong following online and in the flesh. He’s what’s up in many minds and hearts.

Story By Mr Ceza
Photo Courtesy Ruste Juxx

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