K-TOWN CA- Meeting Tajie D and seeing his movement grow over the past 4 years, I have to admit he’s secretly one of the Bay Area’s best kept secrets. Those who know his music, listen and support him not because he’s in a wheelchair, or has a life threatening disability but simply cause he gives so much of himself in his music. We as fans and simple listeners take that for granted in most cases. Not to mention he’s got rhymes and flows that can compete on any stage, any city. I recommend you check out his latest Leo 2 and you’ll hear what I’m saying. Catching Tajie D live on stage is the ultimate treat for Hip Hop/Rap lovers and for those who feel with their heart before they speak their mind. 

First off, how are you? How’s your health Tajie D?

I’m great, I wonderful. It’s doing great, I’m eating better, feeling better. I’m on some new medication to help my situation a little more. It’s doing well, I’m pretty happy. 

Almost anyone in your place wouldn’t spend all the time, energy and money making music. What’s been your motivation to do it even in your condition?

I think the experiences I’ve had with life are mainly influenced but then also my father Cap B. My uncles, they’ve been a big part and inspiration when it comes to me trying to pick up the mic and trying to express myself. Those would be the 2 key influences for me for sure. 

You’ve made a great mark out here in Lake County and the 707. I want more people to know about your music, your life, your movement. What’s next for Tajie D from this point forward?

A lot of music. Due to Covid, it got me to really focus on my craft more. I really focused on shows and performing and so on and so on before Covid. Now I was able to really dig deep into my engineering skills and my rap skills. Hooks and all that shit. I really had an outlet to be able to focus on that. 

Cap B, originally I didn’t know he was your father. He has a rich history in Bay Area and 707 rap. I believe you’re creating a very rich musical legacy in your own right. Right behind him, you’re kind of doing your own thing with it cause there’s been no rapper to date who’s been a Tajie D. When people ask you what you do, what kind of music do you make, what do you say?

I think I’m pretty diverse when it comes to style with Hip Hop. A lot of it is me bringing out the 90’s feel. Some like late 80’s feel. Just because of my family, what they brought to the table for the 707 and the Bay itself. I’m also a big R&B fan. So I try to incorporate a lot of melodies into my material. That’s what my mom listened to when she was cleaning every morning. What I grew up with was old school R&B. So I tried to 

incorporate the 707 roots along with the R&B and give it my heart at the same time.

When you hang up the mic and retire from the rap game, what do you want people to remember you by?

I would say just somebody that they could look forward when it comes to HOPE. (Someone who was ) Not looking at all the dumb shit you got to deal with on a daily basis. (I say) If you believe in something, love something you can do it. If you want it bad enough you can do it.

I watched you perform a few times and one time I was in tears by the end of your song. You really bring emotions and feelings out when you perform. You are an inspiration to many. Which is powerful, you have power in your words. Your music comes from your heart What’s next musically for you?

Yeah the best way I can describe it. I’ve told some of my friends before and I’ve told Singular before, I told my dad before. I know there’s a lot of rappers out in the 707 and beyond that I would say more skilled or more knowledgeable than me. But if you put me in a room with 5 of them, even though I’m not the best I’ma still let everybody know why I’m here. With that being said just expect for me to hit every avenue I can. I got an interview with KMEL in January. So I’m doing that. I’m just trying to spread my message and let people know there’s still peace and love in this world. So I try and spread as much love as I can. Leo 2 is dropping. Then I got 2 EP’s coming out. One is called Stuck Ina Rut EP. Then I’m working on another EP with Hutch Got Slaps from San Francisco. So 2 more EP’s coming before the end of the year.

Leo 2, what’s that all about?

Leo 2 is basically me letting out aggression and me showing my fun side. Me being happy with where I am in life. There’s anything from my home girl that went to prison, me talking to her. Me with women, me partying. Me just talking shit, just being overly confident. The overconfident disabled dude in a wheelchair, ha ha. It’s really just me being happy that I’m me. That’s the best way I can describe it. 

Is there anything else you want to plant the seed for in this interview?

I have a documentary on my life coming out with Rob Driscal. I don’t have a date for it yet, but it’s coming real soon. That’s gonna be a   really dope thing cause everybody will be able to see a more personal side to me. It’s dropping on YouTube, depending on how well it does, we might get Netflix involved, if it works out that way. Really we just want to put it out and see who it gravitates to and just have fun that way.

IG @therealtajied
Story By Mr Ceza
Photos By Sergio Millan

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