By far this is one of my Most Important interviews of my career. I’ve never heard anyone go this hard against corrupt leaders and injustice. His voice, his heart, his energy is saving the Hip Hop Community whether they know it or not.

When did you start making music?

I started rappin’ when I was like 6 years old. But I started taking it serious in 6th grade. When I was in the 6th grade I was in the top 5 rappers/artists at the time of my little class. Over the years my talent naturally developed with my psyche. So I started to imply whatever mentality I had at the time and with my ability to take words that have meaning and take words that rhyme and put that meaning with the rhythm. So when I was a younger artist I was just like everybody else. Guns, things like that. Just my lifestyle. And now as I’m blossoming into an adult I try to put maturity into my content without trying to lie about my own history. One of the most difficult things that it was for me to do as an artist was to integrate something I was doing before I was even given lectures into my brand. Because people have this image of me as a teacher solely. Then it was like when I put music out, even though I was doing that before I was even a teacher. It was hard for me to integrate that into my fan base cause people didn’t conceive me in that format. So it’s been a journey. But I was able to do it in a way where I can put my mind into my music and also not shy away from the reality of how I grew up. So it all boils down to people being in cognitive of who they follow specifically as a artist. People need to understand the difference between, even the wordplay in a rapper and an artist. I consider myself an artist. I can paint a picture with my words based upon my internal state of being. So for me it was like how can you be conscious and then you can rap about prison, or something like that. And the answer is because I been to prison. So I’m not gonna delete my history to act like J. Cole. I’m not gonna delete my history to act like I’m Common. I feel like a lot of the reason that genres of music period, no matter if it’s Hip Hop or whatever. The reason why genres don’t cross is because we kind of enslave people to the image we want them to be. It’s like if you a conscious person, you can’t have a street background. If you’re a street person, you can’t express intellect. and that’s why the world is trapped. We look at people and we just say this is all you can do cause that’s all I want to perceive of your abilities. So what I’ve been able to do is to take my background and give it to people in my music, but in the healthiest manor possible as far as where my mentality is now. 

For those who don’t follow Young Pharaoh he is a man who has studied words and read many books. He’s very particular with his words. Music, what’s out there the people can go check out and find out more of who you are musically?

I appreciate that. I appreciate every word you just spoke. Musically I have a series going right now titled It’s Levels To This Shift. 1-4 is out. So mixtapes 1-4 is out. The 5th mixtape drops any day now. So It’s Levels To This Shift 5 is on the way. You guys can stream my music on any platform. If you’re new to me as an artist, my mixtapes are not only a personal form of my own evolution psychologically but each mixtape I kind of make the content of that tape association with that chakra that it involves. For those of you who may not be knowledgeable on chakras and things. I’ll just keep it simple, we have thousands, we have micro chakras as well but, just to deal with the 7 basic energy portals or energy vortexes that are attached to our body. We have 7. So every mixtape I create content that is associated with that chakra. So It’s Levels To This Shift 5 is the 5th Chakra which is the throat chakra. This chakra, outside a lot of it’s characteristic’s and abilities. One of the main contributing energies of this chakra is creativity and expression. So in this mixtape in particularly you’re gonna see a lot of not just creativity and expression. I’m expressing myself and aligned it with my culture. So I got songs on there like, Kill My Slave Master. I have songs on there like, New Pac. Cause people say I remind them of 2Pac. So it’s a song that’s venerating 2Pac. Even though it sounds like I’m the new Pac, I’m actually just paying Pac his respect. Cause I don’t believe in walking in somebody else’s shoes. I have a song on there called Reality. Even though the song makes you bob your head and it make you turn up. If you pay attention to the content the song is basically me talking about things that are in reality that should not be and they’re kind of harsh, but it’s reality. I have a lot of thoughtful content that I have created and I’ve put a lot of thought into my content. I don’t like to just release things just because. Every song that I make for these specific mixtapes, I just let my spirit speak to me. So that’s what I’m hoping I’m doing with you guys listening to me. Not only do you get good music you get to follow along with the evolutionary stages and processes of me as a person as I evolved in life. 

What are you working on Musically for this near future?

Yes sir. Right now I’m actually on top of capping and making sure everything is straight with my mixtape. Cause’ I’m one of them guys where I’ll switch something out last minute. I’ll have my song list then I’ll say ahhh I want this on, I want this off. So right now while I’m putting the cap on my mixtape and making sure that I’m content with everything I’m getting ready to release. I’m working on a duo mixtape right now with another artist named RR The God. What we are doing, we have really good chemistry together as far as musicians. What we’re looking to do is bring back that Jadakiss, Styles P kind of combo. Where you get 2 good artists on a track and instead of having separate verses, we shares verses. We share half of verses. We share bars. What we’re trying to do is bring not only actual lyrics and actual bars back to music. But we’re just looking to bring creativity back to music. I’m not saying I’m the hottest rapper in the galaxy, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to listen to music today and say okay, this is kind of trash. Its one thing to say we don’t like your lyrics, it’s another thing to say damn you not even rappin on the beat. So between niggas just being

young and outside of the parameters I have a true love for music. Niggas don’t even really know how to make music. So what we want to do is without trying to start music beats or cause that’s what people do when want to get hot in the music game, they just started rapping.  We want to let our talent speak for us.  It’s just straight bars. We got songs that are more lyrical. We got songs that are more a club scene or party scene but. Me and RR’s work is really great. I like working with him. He caught my ear the first time I ever met him. That’s actually how we started to build, build our bond, build our relationship. I got some other projects that I want to get into but I’m not going to, not because of this interview, but people steal. As I’m pretty sure you know. One of the biggest problems people don’t discuss is people who have bigger platforms, they watch people who got smaller platforms and then they come take your idea and then they do it before you do it and then you can’t really do nothing cause their influence is greater than yours. So the other project I’m working on, I gotta just you know disperse that information as I get there. We want to shake not just the music industry, we want to set the bar back high. Cause the bar used to be high. It used to be high. I don’t really know, I know what happened, but I’m just saying I don’t really know what happened but we want to see the bar back high. Even if I can’t set the bar back at 10, I can get it to 9. We want to set the bar back high. Even what you’re doing with the magazines. This is setting the bar. Let’s start doing real interviews again. We passing people with clearly “ F ‘ s “ on their paper. Now we’re getting a lot of half ass work, and it’s flying by because people love fame, more than they love quality.  So this is why I respect somebody like you. I’m all about quality and when you have good quality work no matter what it is, it speaks for itself at all times. 

Tell us how this path of truth for you personally started?

So folks have a more understanding of where you’re coming from and why?  Yes sir. I’m glad you asked this question. Especially at this time. The reason is because if you would have asked me this question 2 months ago I would have answered it truthfully but I wouldn’t have answered it with the understanding that I have now. 2 months ago the answer to this question I would have told you I’ve always been conscious. I always been attached to my ancestors. I will give you the story I give everybody when I was younger and I would go to somebody I considered my grandfather. He had a huge sarcophagus in his house of King Tut. Egyptian figurines and they’ve always attracted me. I always been attracted to my culture and it stuck with me spiritually. Even though that’s 100% true I now fully understand what it was. The reason that the government hides imagery, not just of Black culture, anything of anybody’s culture that is actually powerful is because it attaches you to reality. Example: I grew up around people if you walked to the store, there’s people outside talking to they self, it’s drug addicts walking around. It’s alcoholics walking around so they’re like the lower class of the lower class. Then you have people that are lower class and we hustling doing whatever we do so we don’t become them. But society has abandoned us as a whole. So what we doing by us hustling, society would deem criminal behavior. They don’t realize we just trying our best not to lose the last little bit of sanity the fuck we got. So most people feel they selling drugs, nigga the kids gotta go to school and we love our kids so much some of us is willing to rob. Some of us is willing to sell you a nickle bag of weed and some of us is willing to strip. Because we want our children to be engaging in society. The reason I’m bringing that up is because when I was young I didn’t realize that I had experiences, not just spiritually but physically that engaged my mind to society. Even though it wasn’t modern society it was ancient society. It was society.So what happened was no matter what I went through since I already had a taste of what’s like to live outside of my class. I knew that something wasn’t right. So I never let go of the fact that something is not right.  What happens is most people they get so depressed that they just except life as what it is. They just feel like, ok I live in the ghetto or I’m struggling this is what it is. Me having being introduced to shit like Pharaohs and gold and shit like that, not being racist but just understanding this is how society was ran in one point in time. I always knew something is wrong because I would ask myself how the hell is we living like this now? Not even just in the ghetto but just the world. If the world literally used to be a happy place, who the hell created pass-ports? If we used to be able to just get on our horse and just go where we wanna go, who created a license? Who’s creating all these restrictions? So what I realize now as an adult is when I was exposed to culture at a young age even though it was Black culture. I was exposed to a higher form of society. So it was hard for me to live in the society I’m in now looking at the shit I’m looking at because I know this is not supposed to be like this. So it was a part of me that always wanted to know how we got here. Now I realize that’s what that was on top of soul searching. That still to this day is the fuel in my tank. I just need to know why shit is. Cause if it’s right I can accept it. But if it’s wrong I can’t accept it. So my journey is really making sure that what I accept is what I should accept. That’s pretty much my quest. Somebody says Pharaoh eat this. I don’t care if you trying to force it down my throat or I don’t care if you nicely presented it. Because there is no difference to me between a trustworthy person and an untrustworthy person. Because I don’t trust not one of you muthafuckas. Until I confirm what you want me trust is good for me, I’m not accepting it from someone with a frown or a smile. I’m just not accepting it. 

I’m with you I agree.

So my thing is now I know that , I don’t care what people believe in. whether it’s extra-terrestrials or not. I know that there is entities on this planet. Human or non human. I don’t give a fuck what you believe in. There is something on this planet that does not mean well for anything. Not just people, plants, bugs, air, water. It’s something on this planet that does not like this planet. And you can come up with your own reasons. But what we do know chemtrails are not an accident. Pollution, electro-radiation, this shit is not an accident. So who’s trying to kill the planet. Who the fuck is intelligent enough. When you ask yourself these questions you realize this is not a worldly intelligence we’re dealing with. 

The point I’m trying to make, shit like transhumanism with nano…Who the fuck thought of that?  Someone who was non or beyond human. That’s who fucking thought of it.  This is what I’m trying to get people to see. So my main thing is I don’t have to tell you what the truth is. If you genuinely start to question the shit you supposed to question, it’s no way in hell, if you don’t come to the same conclusion as us you not in the area. If me and him are upstairs, you should at least be in the driveway.

“ I’m not saying I’m the hottest rapper in the galaxy, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to listen to music today and say okay, this is kind of trash.”

– Young Pharoah

“ I consider myself a library of content, and I’m using music as a tool to reel people in. As I peek people’s interest by default when you look into me. You’ll come into the knowledge.”


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